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Bulk Custom Stickers: Easy to Order and Affordable

Written by: Nicole Plyler

Published: June 16, 2022

Do you use a lot of stickers for your company, classroom, or brand? Do you order bulk custom stickers to meet these needs? If not, then you may be overpaying. The larger the quantity of an order, the less the cost per sticker.

Bulk Stickers

If your sticker needs don’t change, meaning they aren’t seasonal or for specific events, it makes financial sense to order in bulk. However, not all custom bulk sticker providers are the same. So, what should you look for when considering bulk sticker orders?

Bulk Orders Should Still Be High Quality

Sometimes sticker producers use substandard materials for bulk stickers. It’s sometimes in the fine print, so you don’t realize the quality until they arrive. While bulk ordering makes it more affordable with efficiencies of scale, that doesn’t mean skimping on materials.

order bulk stickers

All stickers we produce use high-quality 3M vinyl. It includes a protective layer so stickers don’t scratch, fade, or curl at the ends. Additionally, we print with the best ink that can stand up to the sun or water. The material is also waterproof, so these stickers can adhere to just about any surface and last for many years to come! They are easily removable, too, leaving no residue behind.

Bulk Sticker Jobs Are Always Custom

You have the ability to design stickers any way you’d like, from the shape and size to the art. You can choose from conventional shapes like circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles. If you have an unusual shape, then die cut stickers are the best option. We cut these stickers to the precise outline of the form.

You also can pick your finish of matte, glossy, or clear. Every sticker you order is custom, based on your specifications.

Ways to Use Bulk Custom Stickers

Are you considering what you could do with your stickers for your business, brand, or classroom? We’ve got ideas.

Bulk Stickers for Business Promotions

Promote your business with these stickers in a variety of ways. Include one inside every order if you’re an e-commerce business or right in the bag in-store. If you’re a professional like a real estate agent, create business card stickers to give to clients. They can also be great giveaways at events and trade shows.

bulk stickers for marketing

Bulk Stickers for Branding

Stickers can also be an essential part of your branding. If you sell physical products, stickers become your labels. Because you’ll need so many, it makes sense to buy in bulk. Another branding option relates to fan engagement. For example, bands have used stickers to connect with fans and spread their name for decades. It’s still a great branding option.

Bulk Stickers for Branding

Bulk Stickers for the Classroom

Teachers love stickers and use them in so many ways. They can reward work and behavior, be part of the learning experience, or as a way to celebrate. Since the school year is nine months, you’ll need lots of stickers to make it through the semesters.

Bulk Stickers for the Classroom

Order Bulk Custom Stickers from Stickerbeat

When you purchase stickers from us, you’ll get excellent quality at an affordable price. It’s easy to get started. First, you start with the shape and size. Then enter the quantity and upload your art. We turn that into a digital proof and send it to you for approval. Once you give us the thumbs up, it’s time to make the stickers. In most cases, you’ll get these within three business days of approval, and you’ll never pay for shipping.

Start sticker shopping now!