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Cosmetic Beauty Stickers

Custom Cosmetic Labels from Stickerbeat

Put Your Best Face-Forward With Cosmetic Beauty Stickers!

The independent beauty and cosmetic industry is on fire with more and more start-ups making homespun holistic cosmetics, oils, and scents. If you are a private maker of self-branded beauty products, custom label stickers will help you market your products to your customers with ease. Design your very own cosmetic beauty stickers to put on all your bottle, jars and containers to give them a personalized look your clients will instantly recognize as yours. Professional looking labels with your logo, company tag-line, business information, ingredient list and anything else you need can be made especially for you. Every option is available to you in terms of color, size and shape that will fit any sized cosmetic container or bottle you have.

holistic beauty and cosmetic stickersIncrease Sales with a Look All Your Own

Represent your beauty brand with stunning die cut sticker labels that embody the aesthetic of your holistic oils and cosmetics and grabs the attention of your customers. If you’re offering perfume, make-up, creams, shampoos or lotions, we can help you design a cohesive look that is all yours. Adhesive labels make it super easy to brand each one of your bottles or candles yourself. If you’ve got lots of product, Stickerbeat offers you Sticker Sheets on which you can put as many stickers as can fit on a single 8.5x11 sheet. These are cost effective and give you lots of bang for your buck. Our superior 3M Scotchcal graphic vinyl is going to impress you with its look and feel of quality. It’s a 4mm thick material that is weatherproof and has a laminated top for added strength and protection. Even if your customers toss their beauty products into their handbag, our stickers will be hard wearing. Our stickers are guaranteed to go on easily and not peel, bubble or lift once they are put on a smooth surface. Even if you are a small company, you get the same great look that the big brands are able to have with a Stickerbeat beauty sticker.

Let Your Cosmetic Sticker Speak to Your Customers

Custom beauty and cosmetic stickers and labels Add images, instructions, helpful tips, warnings any FDA required information that will help your customer achieve success with your beauty products and holistic oils. Add your company ethos, your content quantity, where your product is made and any other useful information that will speak to the value of your products to your clients. Our knowledgeable Stickerbeat customer service reps are design wizards that will help you craft a die cut beauty and cosmetic sticker that is sure to create customer devotion. They can help you with your design at no additional charge. Once you’ve approved your template, we get it printed in 3 days and shipping is free. Partner with Stickerbeat to invent a brand image and look that will have your cosmetic beauty products flying off the shelves! stickerbeat