Educational and Teacher Stickers

Educational and Teacher Stickers

Our Educational and Teacher Stickers make great learning and motivational tools!

Award stickers are a no-brainer way to tell your students how awesome they are when they’ve hit it out of the park with a great grade or a task well done. Slap a custom sticker on their test or homework that shows how amazing they are in a full-blown riot of color. Design unique reward charts that illustrate where students are excelling and where they can use some help. Our Educational and Teacher Stickers are a great learning and motivational tool!

classroom stickersCustom teacher stickers are the ideal way to stay organized in the classroom when dealing with dozens of kiddos and heaps of supplies. You can keep track of all your resources, materials and library books by making sure everything is returned to you since your personalized sticker will clearly show who the owner is and which classroom they should be returned to. You can label virtually any object in your classroom with one of Stickerbeat’s stickers!

Personalized stickers are a terrific way to create customized stationery for your classroom when communicating with parents. There’s no reason to send home a boring note when a colorful sticker will draw attention to the importance of your message so parents are sure to read it and take action. These are great for take home reminders on important tasks.

Stickers are a great way to set up reminders without the need for a sea of post-it notes floating around the class or flipping through a calendar.  Designate when something is important and needs to get done ASAP with a sticker that describes critical activities or dates that need attention. You can take any of our stickers and write any info on them with a Sharpie marker. Easy!

Snacks are something that offers a great break during the school day for you and the kids and adds nutritional pep. With so many allergies floating around, you can use stickers that warn against any food allergies such as nut-free, dairy-free or without eggs. It’s a great way to keep a classroom pantry or kitchen safe for everyone.

Teacher reward stickers

As you can see, educational teacher stickers in the classroom have endless uses to keep everything and everyone organized and up to date! Let us help you design something that fits your needs!

Custom Die Cut Stickers –Need a custom teacher sticker with an unusual size, color and shape? This isn’t a problem at Stickerbeat! Simple or decorative, we can slice your design into any shape you request. Die cut stickers show students and parents exactly how prepared you are and that you mean business when it comes to keeping things in order.

Kiss Cut Stickers — Kiss cut stickers can be cut to the very edge of your design so there is no extra vinyl material showing.  Your sticker can be any crazy shape and we promise we can get your design cut PRECISELY onto the very end of your image thanks to our magical blade cutting system.

Sticker Sheets  — Teachers need tons of stickers to put on tests and homework throughout the year, and our Sticker Sheets help you take the pain out of grading papers and giving kids a visual GOOD JOB in an easy way! Printed on an 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of high-grade gloss vinyl material, our custom sticker sheets let you to fit as many stickers in a single page at a reasonable cost.

Stickerbeat loves teachers, and we know they demand perfection. We live up to that promise by making stickers and decals that are of the highest quality materials and inks in our business. Our stickers will not peel up no matter what flat surface you put it on! Our stickers are UV, weather and water resistant, too, so you can put one on the classroom window or wet one in the classroom sink without a quibble. We look forward to hearing from teachers about their education and classroom sticker ideas. Our customer service reps are waiting to help you get your design ideas and turn them into stickers!

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