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For High Impact And Uniquely Memorable Marketing, Branding And Special Event Awareness, Look To The Shimmering Shine Of Glitter Stickers

Written by: Stickerbeat Team

Published: 2024-04-26

In case you haven’t received the proverbial memo, everything is coming up GLITTER!

It’s become an ever-present in our daily lives and fabric. Making an appearance all over social media. In fashion. In makeup.

Why Are Glitter Stickers So Popular Today, And Where Can I Order Them?

As to their new found popularity, just turn on your computer, watch TV, or pick up the latest fashion magazine. There is no escaping the prevalence of glitter.

So get ready to join the fun and ride the crest of this new phenomenon.

By its very nature, glitter adds shine, sparkle and dazzle in everything it touches, and our glitter stickers are no exception – but they ARE truly exceptional!

Stickerbeat Glitter Stickers are custom printed on an iridescent, shiny vinyl that gives a dazzlingly beautiful rainbow sparkle effect. We recommend GLOSS lamination to maximize the glitter appearance as MATTE lamination can diminish the appealing visual magic of glitter. That being said, MATTE lamination is recommended for detailed artwork that requires high legibility, such as fine lines, logos or text.

When It Comes To A Rich Variety Of Custom Glitter Stickers Sizes And Quantities, Just Name It!

“Absolutely YES, Stickerbeat can do it!,” is our mantra and response to the most frequently asked questions about what glitter stickers sizes we feature and what quantities they come in.

Just tell our expert glitter stickers team what you need and what you want – we’ll take care of the rest.

Here’s the downlow when it comes to sizes. Our glitter stickers client orders frequently request these sizes:

·      2 inches by 2 inches

·      3 inches by 3 inches

·      4 inches by 4 inches

·      5 inches by 5 inches

But here is the great news, you can have them in all their sparkly splendor in any custom size you want. Just specify it when you upload your glitter stickers artwork.

As for how many glitter stickers you can order at Stickerbeat, that’s another easy question. Our order quantities are from 50 all the way to 10,000 – whatever your need, Stickerbeat can make it happen!

We advise that you carefully think about your plans on using them and distributing these glitter stickers to give you the best deal possible.

As for shapes, you can now order custom glitter stickers in these popular shapes:

·      Circle

·      Rectangle

·      Square

·      Oval

·      Rounded Corners

·      And, of course the ever popular Die Cut

How Are Stickerbeat Glitter Stickers Different From Holographic Stickers?

In the production of your custom glitter sticker order, our vinyl contains tiny filaments of glitter to reflect light and yield that sought-after sparkling effect.

For our holographic stickers, we use an iridescent, shiny vinyl that yields a beautifully interesting rainbow like effect.

As for the feel of both of them, glitter stickers and holographic stickers both have smooth textures.
As for their durability and performance, both Stickerbeat sticker choices feature protective coatings to ensure longevity.

Ready To Get Your Shimmer And Shine On? Well, We Sure Are! Let’s Get Started Right Here

To ensure that you get your glitter stickers order processed and delivered quickly, just click, upload your artwork and send it to our glitter stickers team at Stickerbeat. It’s that easy.

Files must be in EPS, AI, TIF, JPG, PSD, PNG, or PDF format. CMYK at 300 dpi and scaled to 100% ensures the best results. Maximum file size is 20MB.