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How To Order Custom Clear Stickers

Written by: Nicole Plyler

Published: 2023-12-29

Custom clear stickers offer a versatile and eye-catching way to enhance branding, promote special sales, and announce events. Here are just a few of the ways our custom clear sticker customers use them.

Mobile Billboards: Affix clear stickers to company vehicles for mobile branding. This is particularly effective for businesses with prompt, in-demand delivery services or a frequently on-the-road presence.

Peekaboo Window Decals and Signage: Adhere clear stickers to windows or glass surfaces to display your brand or promote ongoing sales. This is especially effective for retail stores or businesses with highly visible and well-trafficked storefronts.

Product Branding: Apply clear stickers to your products or packaging to showcase your brand logo, name, or tagline. This creates a professional and consistent brand image when continuity and recall are key.

Attention Getters: Many of our customers use our custom clear stickers to convey important information such as product features, usage instructions, or care guidelines. Easy to use and apply, they are one of our most popular custom items.

Social Media Click-Throughs: Thanks to daytime television direct response promotions, QR codes are back in a big way. Include QR codes or social media icons on our clear stickers to encourage customers to connect with your brand online. This can help grow your social media presence and attract new potential clients to your offerings.

What Is The Best Website To Order Clear Stickers?

Stickerbeat.com is the best website to order clear stickers. Their transparent essence makes them very aesthetically appealing on windows or glass walls – or when you want your product package design to shine through to attract special attention.

Stickerbeat can print your custom design on the front or the back of your custom clear stickers, whichever visual you are going for. They are perfect for store-front window displays, or even for the back or side windows of your car.

What Is The Best Website For Custom Clear Stickers?


Stickerbeat.com is the best website for custom clear stickers, where your strategic messaging and design stand out free from any background interference.

Our simple, easy-to-use website experience guides you every step of the way. With Stickerbeat, you are not limited to certain sizes either. We gladly produce custom sizes to meet your specific usage needs.

That being said, our most commonly requested sizes are:

2-inch by 2 inch

3-inch by 3 inch

4-inch by 4 inch

5-inch by 5 inch

What Is The Fastest Way To Get Custom Clear Stickers?


Faster than you can say, “Sticker me happy!”, our professional team will get to work processing your clear sticker request as soon as we receive it! How’s that for attention to details?

Even better, instead of languishingly long wait times for delivery, Stickebeat will get your order to you within 3 business days!

To place your clear sticker order, just point, click and upload your clear sticker artwork.

Files must be in EPS, AI, TIF, JPG, PSD, PNG, or PDF format. CMYK at 300 dpi; and scaled to 100% ensures the best results. The maximum file size is 20MB.