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Kiss Cut or Die Cut Stickers Bring You Options When it Comes to Marketing Your Brand

Written by: Nicole Thompson Plyler

Published: 14 January, 2021

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to custom vinyl sticker options. At Stickerbeat, you can pretty much decide every aspect of your sticker right down to color, size, finish and shape. We also give you the opportunity to determine the cut of your sticker, too. This is why kiss cut stickers and die cut stickers rock for different reasons.
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What’s the difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers?

Customization is the key when it comes to vinyl sticker options, and selecting the cut of your personalized sticker is one option we allow you to select.

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It’s all about shape really. Simply put, a die cut sticker comes is in the shape of your actual artwork. If your artwork is an image of the sun, for example, then the final result will be a die cut sticker in that very shape. Our magical laser guided cutting blades slice fully through the vinyl AND the paper backing. So, a customer will be holding a sun shaped sticker in their hand. Voila!

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On the other hand, what is a kiss cut sticker? What makes a kiss cut sticker different is our blades only slice through the vinyl and NOT the paper backing. Your sticker arrives to you with a square or rectangle backing paper with your sticker ready to pluck out of the center when peeled off the paper. What’s cool about kiss cut stickers is that we can cut your artwork right up to the very edge of the design without any excess vinyl showing. Neat!

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Really, selecting a kiss cut or a die cut sticker is just a matter of individual choice. Both cuts still use our awesome 3M graphic vinyl and can be used indoors or out thanks to their UV resistant capability. Every sticker features our bright inks; and they are waterproof and can easily be wiped down with ease.

Die Cut vs. Kiss Cut Stickers—Which Should I Choose?

Die Cut: When it comes to high quality, customers seem to feel that die cut stickers have more value because they come in a customized shape. In their hands, the artwork seems to come to life because it is in the outline of your overall design. It just looks cool. If you’ve got a sticker with an interesting shape, go for die cut to really make a statement. This option adds a bit of a more unusual presentation when it comes to marketing your sticker.

do i need a die cut sticker or kiss cut sticker

The con for some to a die-cut sticker is that it is a bit tougher to peel from its backing because the paper sits right at edge of the sticker itself. If you are personally adhering hundreds of stickers to product or surfaces, die cut stickers can make this task time consuming and tiresome. In this case, a kiss cut sticker would make more sense. If you are just handing out stickers to fans, then this option works.

Kiss Cut: In this selection, your artwork blends into its backer paper and is presented in almost a frame. Regardless of the shape of your artwork, your sticker will be within a square or rectangle of excess vinyl that surrounds your sticker. All you have to do is peel it away from that center, and get to sticking. Kiss cut stickers are really easy to peel off, and if you’ve got lots of bulk sticking to do—this would be a great choice to get it done quickly.

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If your artwork is very complex and ornate, kiss cut is definitely be the way to go! Your image is more protected nestled in the safety of the extra vinyl border. Kiss cut is what most of us perceive as the traditional way to present a sticker. It’s just a classic.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with choosing a die cut or a kiss cut sticker—each has its benefits. If you want to wow a customer with a giveaway sticker, definitely opt for die cut to give your brand that extra pizzazz that feels like luxury! If you are simply placing stickers on product or your packaging in volume—then kiss cut stickers are a low priced solution that can be applied quickly.

Ordering kiss cut or die cut vinyl stickers is easy at Stickerbeat.com. Just upload your artwork, and decide which option you want--die cut or kiss cut. After you approve your proof, we get your stickers within 3 days with FREE SHIPPING!

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