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Stay Safe and Showcase Branding with Stickers for Hard Hats and Construction Safety Helmets

Written by: Nicole Plyler

Published: February 10, 2022

Hard hats and construction safety helmets play a critical role in protecting workers. They also make a perfect canvas for stickers. Stickers for hard hats and construction safety helmets elevate it from just another piece of safety gear. You can create custom stickers that have meaning for your brand and crew.

What Makes a Good Hard Hat and Construction Safety Helmet Sticker?

The type of sticker for this application differs from what you find at craft stores. They must be resilient, as they’ll likely have exposure to the elements for a good portion of the day. When looking for the best custom labels for your hats and helmets, seek out these features.

  • High-quality vinyl: 3M is the best-in-class for sticker vinyl. It has a 3.2mil thick block out bubble free adhesive.
  • Backing liners for effortless application over the curves or grooves of the helmet, which avoids wrinkling.
  • Lamination over the vinyl, protecting it from fading and makes it scratch-resistant.
  • UV-resistant ink made for long-use stickers that will continue to look fresh.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof adhesive to withstand any type of moisture, so the sticker doesn’t curl or come off.
  • Easy removal; even though the adhesive is strong, 3M vinyl stickers peel off with ease and don’t leave residue behind.
  • Multiple size and shape options, from standard circles to die cut

Ideas for Hard Hat and Construction Safety Helmets

The most common hard hat sticker is the company logo. That should be the focal point. Currently, there is significant demand for construction and building. Those labels on hard hats can provide brand awareness, especially if worksites are in heavily populated areas. That could turn into business inquiries. It could also help with recruiting efforts for new workers.

Other construction safety helmet sticker options include:

  • Safety slogans: Messages on hard hats can reiterate and remind workers of your safety-first culture.
  • Highlight awards and acknowledgment of employees relating safety, excellent work, or any other way you recognize your crew.
  • Identification labels for different roles, which can be very helpful when you have a large group at a jobsite. These stickers can provide awareness of a worker’s classification. Those could include safety committee members, certified workers, emergency responders, or any other designation that’s important.

Customizing Your Safety Helmet Stickers

In deciding the type of sticker you want, keep in mind that you can customize the design to include your brand and colors. Many sticker companies restrict what they offer to specific designs without the ability to customize.

The options are unlimited for helmet decals. From brand identity to safety messaging to role identification, you can create any type of sticker.

Ordering Custom Hard Hat and Construction Safety Helmets

It all starts with the design, which can be any size or shape. You’ll upload that art to your sticker provider and choose a quantity. You also have the choice of a matte or gloss finish. Next, you’ll receive a proof online to review and approve. If necessary, you can request changes. Once approved, your stickers go into production and arrive within three business days.

At Stickerbeat, we make it easy to order and get your stickers fast. We have a commitment to delivering vibrant and durable stickers. As a result, your hard hat and construction safety helmet stickers will last for years and years. Plus, we offer very affordable pricing.

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