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Stickers for Teachers: A Fun Way to Improve Learning

Written by: Nicole Plyler

Published: June 16, 2022

Stickers are a long-time favorite for teachers to reward students and recognize outstanding work and behavior. Stickers for teachers can be a fun, easy way to improve the learning experience. They can be motivators for your class to continue meeting their goals. So, what are the best ways to use stickers for teachers?

stickers for teachers

Rewarding Excellence in Work

When your students show off their learning skills by doing well on tests, projects, or other assignments, add a sticker of encouragement. A bright, cheerful label with a positive message like “Great Job,” “Brilliant Work,” or “Well Done” can brighten the day of your little learners. This positive reinforcement can just what a student needs to keep achieving.

Stickers can become part of a merit system. Students that earn stickers based on work or good behavior will have a physical representation of their hard work.

Recognizing Good Behavior

You can also recognize students when they follow the rules, are great helpers, demonstrate school pride, and show care to others. You want to reward their heart just as much as their brain. These little notes of encouragement can be given at the start of the day, and proud students will want to wear them all day.

classroom stickers for good behavior

Using Stickers as Part of a Game or Learning Exercise

Another way to use stickers in the classroom is to make them part of a game. The stickers could recognize different teams or be part of the prize for winning.

Stickers can also be an educational tool. You can give your students stickers of numbers, colors, shapes, or other “answers.” When you ask a question, let the kids use stickers for the answer.

They can be helpful with math worksheets, as well. You can provide a sticker sheet with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students would need to adhere the correct sticker to answer the equation.

Getting Creative with Stickers

Stickers can also be part of arts and craft assignments. You can provide lots of different stickers—letters, shapes, animals, places, etc. Then task your students with decorating a notebook or folder. Then ask students to share what they created and why they chose those stickers. Even those that are shy will want to talk about their sticker story.

getting creative with stickers in the classroom

Celebrating Birthdays and Other Holidays

Extend the sticker fun to birthdays and holidays. On a student’s birthday, offer them a fun birthday sticker. On holidays you celebrate in class, like Valentine’s Day, give each student a themed sticker, so no one feels left out.

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