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What Are Die Cut Vinyl Stickers, and What Makes Them Unique?

Written by: Nicole Plyler

Published: July 14, 2022

When creating custom stickers for your business, event, cause, or any other need, you have many options regarding shape. Traditional shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, and ovals are very common. However, if you want a sticker that is the precise outline of your art or text, die cut vinyl stickers are the best option.

die cut vinyl stickers

In this post, we’ll describe what die cut vinyl stickers are, what makes them unique, features to look for, and ways to use them.

What Are Die Cut Vinyl Stickers?

These stickers have a custom shape and are cut around the edge of the design in the vinyl and backing layer. Die cut simply refers to the form of the final decal. Die cuts can replicate any shape, including pointy corners, wavy edges, curved sides, and anything else.

shaped die cut vinyl stickers

How Are Die Cut Vinyl Stickers Made?

A sticker printer uses advanced technology to control blades and high-speed lasers to make these precision cuts. The process is very fast and scalable, so these companies can produce die cut stickers at a high volume.

What Makes Die Cut Vinyl Stickers Unique?

The key component that die cut stickers has is the custom shape. They are similar to kiss cut stickers. The difference is that die cut goes through the vinyl and backer. Kiss cut only cuts the vinyl, so they peel out from the backing.

The uniqueness of a die cut sticker compared to any other includes:

  • It’s easier to envision how a die cut sticker will look on a surface before you apply it.
  • Die cut stickers offer a truly one-of-a-kind sticker for your business, event, or activity.
  • There are no limitations on the shapes for die cut decals.
  • Die cut stickers give the design more emphasis as compared to standard shapes.
  • They complement the design of the sticker better than circles or squares, which often have a lot of unused white space.

What Kind of Vinyl Can You Use for Die Cut Stickers?

There are many types of vinyl that have various attributes. You first want to ensure that the company making these uses high-quality 3M vinyl. It’s the best-in-class material that will last for years to come. When comparing materials, seek out vinyl with:

  • Laminated layers for UV protection that’s 3.2-mil. thick. This protects the sticker from fading and makes it scratch resistant.
  • Waterproof qualities so that stickers can reside on exterior surfaces. The most important element is waterproof adhesive, so that water cannot ooze into the space between the sticker and the surface. A waterproof sticker has a five-year life expectancy.
  • Thick block bubble free adhesive that’s 3.2-mil, which ensures that removing the sticker leaves no residue behind.
  • Silicon-coated backing liners to preserve the sticker before application and make it easy to peel.

  • Ink that’s developed for 3M vinyl and has characteristics that make it fade-free even if it’s on an outside surface.

These are the features your die cut vinyl stickers should possess. In terms of specialized vinyl, you have options here, too. You can request die cut reflective stickers, which are printed on engineering-grade reflective material, creating a glimmer and shine, even at night.

Another option is holographic die cut stickers. These are printed on iridescent, shiny vinyl that produces a rainbow-like effect. Use them indoors or outdoors. A new addition to the die cut options is custom face stickers. They are cut around an image of a face (people, pets, characters) and can have a gloss or matte finish (as can all die cut stickers).

die cut photo stickers

With so many options, die cut vinyl stickers are the most popular among our customers, who use them in creative ways.

How to Use Die Cut Vinyl Stickers

There are many applications for die cut vinyl stickers. Since they are completely custom, how you use them is up to you. Here are some of the ways to use them.

Brand Exposure

Does your brand need more visibility? If so, die cut stickers are a great option. They can make your band truly recognizable since they include your colors, fonts, and logo. Die cut vinyl stickers can be a branding tool for any type of business, from startups to large enterprises. Because of the care that goes into designing these, customers will want to keep them and stick them. Every time someone sees that sticker they’ll be curious to know about the company behind it.

You can distribute this in your location or via shipped packages. They are also great for events and trade shows as giveaways. Any time you have a customer touchpoint, consider how you can make sure they get a sticker.

Events and Occasions

Stickers are an excellent way to celebrate. You can create your own die cut vinyl stickers for holiday parties, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and any other special occasion. The custom face stickers would be a fun option. For weddings, the stickers could include the couple’s initials, the date, and a graphic that complements the theme.

vinyl die cut stickers for events and occasions

Product Labels

Die cut stickers are also useful as product labels when you want something a little less boring than a square or rectangle. As long as you have a surface, these stickers will adhere. Use them for candles, health and beauty items, food and beverage, soaps, and more. Add some character and whimsy to boring packaging with die cut stickers.

Sports Activities

Another use for die cut vinyl stickers is for sports. Use them as helmet stickers with the team logo or mascot outlined. Remember, these are waterproof and durable, so they’ll make it through the game intact.

Die cut vinyl stickers can also go on other equipment or parts of a uniform to designate the team’s name and numbers.

The Best Die Cut Vinyl Stickers Are at Stickerbeat!

artistic vinyl die cut stickers

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