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What Is The Difference Between Kiss Cut Stickers and Die Cut Stickers?

Written by: Nicole Plyler

Published: January 16, 2023

What Is The Difference Between Kiss Cut Stickers and Die Cut Stickers?

Appearances can be deceiving when it comes to sticker types.

die cut stickers

Die Cut Stickers Explained

Stickerbeat custom die cut stickers give you the opportunity and wherewithal to create any image you want, with no limitations.

We put no limits on what shape, size or color your custom die cut sticker is.

With a die cut sticker, our cutting machinery cuts right through the vinyl and the backing material fully to the exact shape of your sticker, so what you see is what you get when you peel it off.

die cut stickers

The backing paper comes in two parts to make it easy to crack and peel to separate. If you have a lot of stickers to apply, we do offer die cut stickers on a roll that makes them easier to quickly do that. Stickerbeat die cut stickers save time and cut down on residual paper waste as well.

How A Kiss Cut Sticker Is Different

Customized kiss cut stickers have all the same features and functionality of our custom die cut stickers with one major difference.

When removing it from the backing material, a kiss cut sticker is not fully cut through the backing paper. It cuts only through the vinyl of your kiss cut sticker itself – hence the light touch or “kiss” naming device.

kiss cut snail sticker art

The kiss cut production process leaves the backing paper around your sticker, so it’s a little easier to peel off than a traditional die cut sticker. To achieve this, our exclusive cutting blades are laser-guided and can precisely cut your custom kiss cut sticker right up to the very edge of your design with ease.

What Are The Best Applications For Each Sticker Type?

At the end of the day, kiss cut stickers are easier to handle and apply, while die cut stickers can have more intricate shapes and designs, giving users a clean, precise look.

custom cat sticker from stickerbeat

Stickerbeat custom die cut stickers are stickers that are processed into a specific shape using a die cutting machine. They are best for creating stickers with a unique and custom shape that lend themselves well to the message they are designed to communicate.

Often used for branding and marketing purposes, custom die cut stickers create a professional and cohesive look for a company, event, campaign, or product.

Die cut stickers can also be used for personalization of many items, such on laptop computers to convey ownership and your point of view, water bottles, and other personal belongings where your identity is an important message to communicate.

For widespread distribution, kiss cut stickers are a great choice for stickers that need to be easily peeled off and applied, such as stickers that will be placed on smooth surfaces or handed out to a large number of people.

If you are going to be labeling lots of products, kiss cut stickers will make that process go by faster and will be much more efficient.

Due to their longevity and resiliency, custom kiss cut stickers are a wise choice for stickers that will be stored for a long time, as the backing paper helps to protect the stickers from damage.

Knowing Their Intended Use Should Be Your Guide Between Choosing Which Sticker Type To Order

If precision in the final product is your key, Kiss Cut stickers are for you.

These stickers are cut perfectly out of the border they lay inside of as our technicians use a special blade to cut out your custom design perfectly. These kiss cut stickers ensure the custom shape and design you are looking for, while presenting your brand in an interesting and unique way.

As for die cut stickers, they allow you full freedom to create any image you want. There are no limits on what shape, size or color you can order. With a die cut sticker, our cutting equipment will cut right through the vinyl, as well as the backing material, to the exact shape of your sticker, hence the term “die cut.” The backing paper comes in two parts with a seam to make it easy to crack and peel to separate. It’s the traditional look we all have become familiar with over the years.

Sometimes Professional Advice May Be The Guidance You’re Looking For

There is no need to make a critical choice on which sticker type to order. We’re here for you to ensure that you make the right ordering decision. Contacting us for the right answers is a breeze.

Get in touch with us here, phone us at 416-896-1706, or email us at support@stickerbeat.com.

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