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Where to buy custom rectangle stickers online

Written by: Nicole Plyler

Published: 2023-12-15

Are you in search of the perfect custom vinyl rectangle sticker? Stickerbeat is your go-to destination! Our stickers serve as a fantastic tool to add a touch of personality to your office space, create delightful gifts, or spread joy with your unique logo or design. At Stickerbeat, we pride ourselves on offering die-cut stickers. This means each sticker is precisely machine-cut to match its shape, using high-quality dies for impeccable accuracy.

Why choose Stickerbeat for your sticker needs? We offer a diverse range of sizes, pricing options, and order quantities, ensuring a tailor-made sticker solution for every requirement. Our specialty lies in glass vinyl stickers, renowned for their fade resistance, weatherproof qualities, and suitability for effortless, cost-effective marketing campaigns. While various online stores offer custom rectangle stickers, Stickerbeat stands out with our competitive pricing, exceptional products, and swift turnaround time, catering to every customer's needs.

What is the best website to create rectangle stickers?

When it comes to crafting custom rectangle vinyl stickers, Stickerbeat is the ideal choice. Our user-friendly platform streamlines the design and proofing process, making it both effortless and enjoyable. Working with us opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re looking to boost company morale with holiday-themed stickers, enhance product visibility with promotional stickers, or simply distribute fun, engaging stickers, Stickerbeat is your creative playground.

The options are endless with our custom sticker creations. We offer a variety of common sizes to suit every need. For instance, our popular 2x2 inch sticker pack, containing 50 stickers, is very affordable. With Stickerbeat, you have the freedom to express your ideas through quality, custom-made stickers.

How can I order custom rectangle stickers?


Ordering with Stickerbeat is a seamless experience, offering high-quality, durable vinyl stickers with a backing that perfectly aligns with your design's shape and size. Our stickers are expertly cut around the edges, ensuring a professional and flawless finish. Whether you need a specific shape, color, or size, we cater to all your company's or personal project requirements.

Custom stickers from Stickerbeat are a uniquely fun way to promote your brand. They are popularly placed on water bottles, laptops, fridges, and various other items, effectively spreading your brand's identity. It's a simple yet cherished method of adding a touch of joy to your marketing efforts, so let your creativity run wild! With options like holographic stickers, rectangle stickers, sticker sheets, and more, every design will be unique.

To ensure the utmost satisfaction, Stickerbeat provides a special service before you finalize your order. We produce five custom sample stickers, allowing you to confirm and be completely happy with the design. This preliminary step, offered for just eight dollars, lets you make an informed decision before committing to the full purchase.

What is the fastest way to get custom rectangle stickers?

The fastest way to order a custom rectangle sticker is with sticker B. We provide high-quality custom stickers and just three business days. These will be perfectly printed cut and packaged for you to disperse with as you please and get excited. Not only do we create stickers, but we also can create magnets, decals, labels, and more all customized and perfectly packaged. Our stickers are laminated with a UV layer that comes in both a gloss and matte lamination option. This will protect the sticker from fading and make it scratch-resistant so it can be placed on items that might go in the wash or face a lot of damage like a car. Our stickers are 100% waterproof and can withstand all weather elements, especially the dishwasher, and have a five-year life expectancy with no fading. our stickers have a convenient peel here tab so if you have long nails or struggle to peel up.

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